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NEWS RELEASE June 20, 2013

Quincy Spine Center launches new online spine encyclopedia and free Home Remedy Book for back and neck pain sufferers

Quincy Spine Center has developed an online spine encyclopedia for those with back and neck pain, and for its referring physicians who can provide that educational resource to their patients.

The content rich Internet site at www.QuincySpineCenter.com has information about what causes back and neck pain symptoms, when surgery is necessary, when to see a physician, non-surgical treatment options to explore before spine surgery, how to lift with correct body mechanics, medical illustrations and an extensive exercise library. Patients through the site can also request a free 36-page Home Remedy Book with pain relieving stretches and symptom charts.

“We are committed to a well-informed patient,” explains Dr. Richard Mazzaferro, a board-certified specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and founder of Quincy Spine Center. “The problem with spine care is the vast amount of misinformation that is out there that can steer patients to non-productive passive feel-good-but-cure-nothing treatments and pills. People who’ve hurt themselves on the job are often confused about where to go, because there are so many people that have a financial bias in what they recommend to the employee with on-the-job back or neck injury. We have the best interests of the patient in mind. We have no financial incentive to recommend a spine surgery so we are going to help the patient where possible explore non-surgical treatment options. And if surgery is necessary, we can refer them to the best spine surgeon for their particular diagnosis.”





Dr. Richard Mazzaferro

Board-certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Dr. Richard Mazzaferro is a board-certified specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with more than 10 years experience in spine. Dr. Mazzaferro is proficient in the use of lumbar and cervical interventional pain procedures. In 2002, he finished his residency training at the Harvard Medical School’s Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He is the founder of Quincy Spine Center.

Understanding Symptoms

Pain is not a good indicator of when to see a doctor for a spine problem. While a back spasm can be excruciating, the good news is that ligament strain doesn’t require surgery.

Quincy Bundled Rate

Find out more about a simple 20 minute office procedure — at a $500 bundled rate — that can eliminate the need for spine surgery.

Home Remedy Book

Get our 36-page Home Remedy Book that has special stretches that relieve many pain symptoms.