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Dr. Richard Mazzaferro
Board-certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Dr. Richard Mazzaferro is a board-certified specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with more than 10 years experience in spine.

Dr. Mazzaferro is proficient in the use of lumbar and cervical interventional pain procedures. In 2002, he finished his residency training at the Harvard Medical School’s Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. Mazzaferro then returned to active duty in the Army until 2006. From 2002-2006 he served as Chief of the Interventional Spine Pain Management Service at the Eisenhower Army Medical Center in Augusta, Georgia. In 2006, he received the United States Army’s prestigious Meritorious Service Medal for his work at the Eisenhower Army Medical Center. Dr. Mazzaferro was promoted to Lt. Colonel and completed his reserve duty obligations in February 2013.

Subsequent to his medical career in the military, Dr. Mazzaferro created Quincy Spine Center because he recognized that back and neck pain required a specialized approach.

By combining physical medicine, injection therapy, and then spine therapy under one roof, Quincy Spine Center is typically able to determine the cause of back and neck pain and provide non-surgical treatment options that can help the patient avoid an unnecessary spine surgery.

Long term, Dr. Mazzaferro hopes to internalize spine surgery to better coordinate all facets of care from diagnosis through to nonsurgical and surgical treatment options. We are a work in progress. Our long term goal with Quincy Spine Center is to continually improve how we care for back and neck problems. The spine center develops home exercise programs with a therapist who encourages movement and return to activity. The spine center has an internal exercise gym patients can develop a stronger, more flexible core so they can be more resistant to future strain, which prevents recurrences of back pain.

“We take the time to educate patients so they understand the cause of their back or neck problem and how best to relieve symptoms,” says Dr. Mazzaferro. “We can be especially helpful to worker's compensation patients who have injured themselves on the job, as we provide an unbiased assessment of their problem, and help them return to activity and their job.”

The spine center also started tracking clinical outcome data, from use of pills, patient satisfaction and return to function so it can publish a Clinical Outcome Report Card later in the next year.

“We are committed to a well-informed patient,” adds Dr. Mazzaferro. “We launched an online encyclopedia on spine at www.QuincySpineCenter.com that has symptom charts, medical illustrations, narrated videos on spine treatment in English and Spanish and exercises that relieve back and neck pain. To our knowledge, this spine encyclopedia is the most comprehensive educational resource for back and neck pain sufferers in the State of Massachusetts.”

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